Don't Give Up In Your Storm Audio Book

The Storms Of Life can prove to be seemingly unbearable. So often, our major shortcoming is simply to doubt that we could go through life experiences and come out of them as refined and triumphant. Jesus never promised that our life would be easy-just fulfilling. He never promised that things would be fair; only that He would be just.


God is the Only One who has the power to take what seems tragic and devastating to turn it around for good. It may not happen as quickly as we'd like; it may feel like a struggle; we might find ourselves longing for another way, but we must believe our blessing will come.

God reminds us over and over in His Word that He is always with us. The Storms of life will rage, but we must not fear. We must seek to find peace as He draws us close into His Presence. In Him is the only place we find refuge in the storms that surround us. He's the only place we can find peace and strength.


May this book bring you a truer revelation of just who He is as He reveals His plan for you. Truly He is a God of Promise.

We must remember it's a spiritual battle we fight in and, we fight with spiritual weapons only.

Don't Give Up In Your Storm Audio Book